For over 25 years, Falcon Industries has been the premier supplier of custom helix flighting. Produced from bar and plate steels, Falcon has earned the reputation for providing a quality, on-time product that meets our customers’ specifications. Our customers trust us to give them precise and consistent manufactured parts at a competitive price. Falcon has gained the reputation of tackling tough jobs that others won’t attempt. Our attention to our customers’ needs is one of Falcon’s greatest strengths.

48” OD X 17 foot long integral spoke screw

18" OD Pellitizer

Truckload of flight for attachment augers

Falcon has two plants, located in Cosmos, MN and Medina, OH, that allow us to better serve our customers. Both locations have multiple flight winding machines and sectional presses that were built in-house, as well as cutting, welding, and assembly equipment. Both plants also have polishing and finishing capabilities. Falcon is small enough to give each customer individual attention and large enough to handle each order with timely production.

At Falcon, people make the difference in providing our customers with superior parts. Many of our employees have been with us 10, 15, and 20+ years. Reinforcing this commitment, Falcon Industries became an ESOP in 2000. The employees now own a 40% interest in the company.

With a customer base of over 1,800, our product is used in a variety of industries and applications. Please use the link above to access the different industries that we serve.



3” to 1-3/4” OD triple lead inducer

Tapered Shaftless auger

Complete Screws

Kanban Inventory of Parts for Customer